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Recent items

A Graphic Revolution: The New Archive in Not Even Past, University of Texas, 3/12/2015
article on why and how I use digital cataloging as social justice practice

Poster for centennial of the American Public Health Association - Occupational Safety and Health Section

"Cataloging as Radical Practice" essay in SRRT newsletter March, 2014

Directory of San Francisco Bay Area political and countercultural screenprint and offset shops
"Red All Over: Political and Countercultural Printshops of the SF Bay Area,"
Video of presentation at SF Public Library April 3, 2014

All Of Us Or None: Social Justice Posters of the San Francisco Bay Area
Exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California 2012 | ever-expanding AOUON web catalog | full-color published catalog by Heyday
catalog additions and corrections |
Smithsonian Magazine feature article | Steven Heller interview | Randy Shaw Beyond Chron review

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