CREFAL - mosquitos cause sickness and death
BANC PIC 2001.206.003--D

Universidad Obrera de Mexico 1936-1966
BANC PIC 2001.206.010--D

CREFAL - crossbreed your pigs!
BANC PIC 2001.206.011--D

CREFAL 5th anniversary
BANC PIC 2001.206.006--C

Mexican posters on social
and educational themes

Posters from CREFAL and
the Instituto Nacional Indigenista

Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley
BANC PIC 2001.206
Gladis 5090789H
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Date range 1954-1987

A collection of posters covering various aspects of Mexican community development and culture. A majority of the works are by CREFAL (Centro Regional de Alfabetización Funcional en las Zonas Rurales de América Latina), a significant rural public education agency established in 1951, and the Instituto Nacional Indigenista. Themes include public and personal health, indigenous literacy, peace, and cultural exhibits.

Subject headings

600 Centro Regional de Alfabetización Funcional en las Zonas Rurales de América Latina (Pátzcuaro, Mexico)

650 Public health $z Developing countries
650 Functional literacy $z Developing countries.
650 Indians of Mexico $x Health and hygiene
650 Indians of Mexico $x Education.

Cataloger's note:

One fascinating feature of CREFAL's community outreach efforts was the development of a unique low-cost relief printing technique. This was a two-step process which used local materials which could be recycled after use. With a simple light table, the artist would first draw out artwork and hand cut a positive image out of a soft material, and would then pour a melted material on top that would harden to create the actual relief plate. This was much simpler than cutting a relief plate directly from a harder material and in reverse.

CREFAL published a handbook on this technique in 1953, and in 1966 UNESCO republished it for broader dissemination. A copy of that document can be found here.

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