Groundwork Books
Mayday concert 1978

May 1, 1978, UC San Diego Student Center
Recorded by Lincoln Cushing, digitized from cassette 11/28/2023

poster by Lincoln Cushing, graphic derived from the journal of the Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE)

Bread and Roses
Bill Bothamley, Cass Crain, Julie North [Nesnansky], Darryl Crain

1. Still Ain’t Satisfied (Red Star Singers)

2. Don’t Shoot the Shadow (Doris Ellzey)

3. No Nukes (Bill Judson)

4. Sunshine Silver Mine (Red Star Singers)

5. Private Property (Randy Craig, Judy Abrams)

6. This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

7. Bread and Roses

8. Que Bonita Bandera

9. Force of Life (Red Star Singers)

10. A Women’s Health Song (Red Star Singers)

Long Time Friends
Connie Jeung-Mills, Laura Zweckbronner, Dana White, Lee [?]

1. James Alley Blues

2. Chief O’Neil’s Hornpipe

3. Policeman

4. Instrumental

5. Beware, Oh Take Care


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