Bibliography of American Labor Graphics

Agitate! Educate! Organize! American Labor Posters , by Lincoln Cushing and Timothy Drescher, Cornell University Press, 2009.

The American Worker
, edited by Richard B. Morris, 1976, published by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Art of Rini Templeton, 1987, The Real Comet Press, Seattle, Washington.

At Work: The Art of California Labor, edited by Mark Johnson, 2003, California Historical Society Press.

Blueprint for a Strike, by Lonidier, Fred, a catalog for the exhibition For Labor, About Labor, By Labor: Our Struggles in the U.S. from the 70's to the 90's, shown June4-July 3, 1992 at the Walter/McBean Gallery of the San Francisco Art Museum. The catalog is a "Fragmentary Capsule History" of the Ironworkers and other unions at NASSCO (National Shipbuilding and Steel Company, San Diego) and includes excerpts from a photo-text installation "Blueprint for a Strike."

From the Knights of Labor to the New World Order- Essays on Labor and Culture, by Buhle, Paul, 1997, Garland Publishers, NY.

Images of Peace and Justice: 25 years of S.F. Bay Area Politics as reflected through its Posters, edited by Cushing, Lincoln. Inkworks Press, expected publication date 2004.

Insurgent Images: The Agitprop Murals of Mike Alewitz, by Alewitz, Mike and Buhle, Paul, 2001, Monthly Review Press, New York, NY.

Just Another Poster? Chicano Graphic Arts in California edited by Noriega, Chon, 2001, University of Washington Press. (Exhibit at UCLA Fowler Museum 6/16/2001-12/9/2001).

The Other America - Art and the Labour Movement in the United States, by Foner, Philip S. and Schulz, Reinhard, 1985, Journeyman Press, London.
(German edition, far more comprehensive, Das Andere Amerika, by Foner, Philip S. and Schulz, Reinhard, 1983, Elefanten Press, Berlin.)

So Long, Partner!, by Wright, Fred, 1975, by United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), New York, NY. A compendium of over 40 years' worth of labor cartoons created by Fred Wright for the UE News Service.

Social Concern and Urban Realism: American Painting of the 1930s, 1983, catalog for an exhibit by the same name organized by the Bread and Roses Cultural Project (see below) at the Boston University Art Gallery.

Wobbly: 80 Years of Rebel Art, 1987, catalog produced by the Labor Archives and Research Center at San Francisco State for a graphics exhibit.

WPA: Art for the Millions, Essays from the 1930's by Artists and Administrators of the WPA Federal Art Project, edited by O'Connor, Francis V., 1973, New York Graphic Society, Boston.

compiled by Lincoln Cushing 12/15/2003; updated 4/23/2021
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