Illustration and design
I have been a graphic artist since 1969, producing illustrations and posters
for a wide variety of non-profit and community organizations.

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Free Speech MovementDialogue with CubaOakland General StrikeUnions-Yes, War - No

Related design examples - see Data Visualization

Articles - see "Honoring the Art of Solidarity"(PDF) Community Alliance, 2002

"Chilean Cultural Exchange Project" Community Murals, 1986

some organizations who've used my graphics:
t-shirt for the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association
American Public Health Association centennial of occupational health work |  Send a Piana to Havana
"I'd Rather be Smashing Imperialism"
bumpersticker - Boycott products sold through Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist
several of my illustrations appear in Reproduce and Revolt (Soft Skull Press, 2007)

more samples

Secular democracy for Tibet
Secular Democracy for Tibet (bumpersticker) 2008
"Although none of our Buddhist societies developed anything like democracy in their systems of government, I personally have great admiration for secular democracy."

-the 14th Dalai Lama; speech in Washington, D.C., April 1993
for lively debate on this topic see Skeptoid

End Apartheid - Divest Now Micah Bazant variant poster
End Aparthied : South Africa must be free - Divest now, 1985 | Image and subject adapted by Micah Bazant, 2014

Flor de lucha
Flor de Lucha, 1980

Mujeres embarazadas
Mujeres embarazadas! Pregnant women!, 1979

Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger at La Peņa, 1982

Paul Robeson
Paul Robeson, 1984

Warhead, 1984 (3-D corrugated image)

Youth United Against Oppression
detail from "Youth United Against Oppression," 1980

Union Women build the Future
Poster for Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1986

Work hands
"Hands," 1997 (used by Yale Initiative on Labor and Culture )

Harlan County, U.S.A.
"Harlan County, USA " (film by Barbara Kopple) 1978

Propellor song graphic
"Work line," 1999

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